10 Ways to Tap into Your Intuition

I hope you’re ready to get spiritual today, folks! Not in a super religious-y kind of way, more like in a super Oprah-y kind of way! Of course, Oprah can’t really show you the path to enlightenment. You have to learn that yourself. Just kidding, Oprah can do anything.

tumblr_luf8433NpT1qa4fdpI know a lot of people are a little weary of the word, “God,” so I’m going to remedy that by using a word I learned from the television show, Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On Angel the characers called what we might think of as “God,” the “Powers That Be,” or the “PTB.” As in, “Angel, if you turn into a vampire and eat one more prom queen, the PTB is going to get medieval on your ass!”

Now that I think about it, that’s probably not a good example.

I’m Ganesha. Let’s get spiritual! The reason I have four hands is so I can better point the way.

My name is Ganesha, oh redheaded one. I have four arms to better point the way.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, just don’t freak out that I’m talking about God. I’m not going to make you go to church or hit you with a ruler. In your mind just substitute the word “God” or “PTB” for whatever you want: Universe, Buddha, Higher Self, or that elephant guy with all the arms. Whatever a higher power of infinite love and light means to you. Hallelujah. Namaste. Oprah loves you. Amen.

A few years ago I got sick and all I had the energy to do was lay in bed and read. This led me to a magical book that started me on my spiritual path. According to this book, called The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman, we only get in touch with our own source of intuition and wisdom when we no longer depend upon other’s opinions for our sense of identity and worth.” Damn, that’s a tall order. My life revolved around the opinions of others—I was in advertising! According to the book, however, a higher power could show me the way to a happier, healthier life. All I had to do was let it guide me.

So, I decided to try out some of the suggestions in the magical book on receiving guidance. Soon I began to get little “knowings” that I should do certain things. Then in a little while I actually began to do the things I felt I should do, and my life began to transform. My body began to heal, more abundance began to flow into my life, and I finally learned my life’s purpose! Praise Jesus! (or the elephant guy with all the arms.)

Here’s my suggestions for tapping into your intuition:

1. Meditate Every Day. Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t want to meditate. Do it anyway. I started with just ten minutes a day, and for a long time, that was enough. Meditation isn’t just good for your well-being, it gets your mind quiet so the Powers That Be can tell you what’s up. I mean, don’t expect a voice to be like, “Kirstin, you need to break up with Jeff. He’s a total tool.” While some people do hear voices, most of us don’t. For me, it’s just a knowing that comes to me along with a feeling of excitement or peace. Sometimes it won’t happen in my meditation, but will come later. It’s as if meditation allows for a download of information into my subconscious mind, and I assimilate it into my consciousness throughout the day. Wow, I didn’t just sound like a Star Trek robot there, or anything. Bee boop beep zorp!

2. Read spiritual books. You aren’t the only one trying to figure out how to connect with spirit. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Grab your kindle or library card and get reading. Often intuitive thoughts will come to me as I read spiritual material. Some of my favorite books on how to use your intuition are: Trust Your Vibes by Sophia Choquette, and Get More Ing in Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein.

3. If you’re not clear on something, ask for clarification. About eight months into my spiritual journey I started getting the feeling I needed to leave my job to start a career as a transformational author. But that’s crazy, I thought. I have a great job. Sure, I don’t like it very much, but everyone seems to think it’s cool, and it makes me feel interesting at parties. Still, the feeling persisted to the point I thought about leaving my job all the time. Finally I asked the PTB for a sign. Then two people got promoted over me at work in one day! There was my sign. Now, this could also have been a sign that I was incompetent and didn’t deserve a promotion. Either way, it was time to leave. I put my notice in the next day.

4. When in doubt, ask for a dream. When I first heard about this, I was like, “Yeah, right!” But it works for me quite often. As you’re going to sleep ask the Powers That Be a very specific question. For instance, recently I got offered what I would have once considered my dream job, but I was in the middle of writing my novel. That night as I fell asleep I asked the PTB if I should take the job. I had a dream that I decided to become a high-class prostitute because I thought it would be glamorous. When I woke up I knew I wanted the fancy job for the wrong reasons and turned it down. I haven’t regretted my decision.

5. Take a class. There are plenty of amazing intuitive people who can teach you how to use your intuition. Sonia Choquette and James Van Pragh both have online classes, as well as most other spiritual teachers out there. You can also find spiritual groups specializing in intuition on Meetup.com. If you’re feeling really bold, go to psychic school! No, I’m serious. There are psychic schools that can teach you how to use your intuition. I know because I went to one and it was awesome. Here’s a list of psychic schools in the US. 

6. Journal. I know this seems basic but I probably get my best intuitive hits when I’m journaling. There’s something about the process of writing. Perhaps it slows down the mind so that information can more easily come through. The one thing I do is stay in a solution-based mindset. In other words, if you’re just complaining about the problem and stuck in frustration, fear, and worry, that energy can prevent the solution from coming in.

I bet Carlton can’t wait to write down all his intuitive thoughts.

7. Exercise. Exercise raises your endorphins and vibrations, making it easier for messages to get through. Running is my exercise of choice for intuitive hits. Kitchen dancing is a solid second choice. Ask a question at the beginning of your workout and then get those endorphins going. I get so many ideas when I’m running that I have to keep pen and paper by the treadmill and often spend more time writing than running. No complaints there!

8. Go to a spiritual psychologist, spiritual life coach, or spiritual mentor. Personally, I’m a huge fan of transpersonal psychology. They approach therapy with a spiritual perspective and know all about tapping into your own intuitive powers. You can find one by clicking here. 

9. Do some automatic writing. That’s right, I said automatic writing—Neale Donald Walsh style. That’s where you write down a question and allow the answer to come to you on the page, as if it’s straight from the PTB. I usually do a little meditation before this to slow down my thoughts, and allow the answers to come in. If you’re a creative person, this is akin to being in flow—a creative space where information just comes without effort. Of course, if the answer to your question is to take a flamethrower to your ex’s house, this probably isn’t the best practice for you. See #8.

10. If you’re still not sure what to do, wait. Time is a luxury you don’t always have, but if you have it, take it. Usually something bigger will happen to clarify what you need to do. When the Powers That Be really want you to do something, they’ll let you know. Now, I often find it’s more difficult to actually do the things I’m guided to do, than figure out what they are. E.g. finish my novel, meditate every day, exercise, not eat four cupcakes in one sitting.

If you’re having trouble believing that there’s a divine energy greater than yourself that’s assisting your spiritual growth, that’s okay. All you need is a desire to want to believe. That’s all I had at first. Then I started doing these ten things and found my proof fairly quickly, not just in the way my life was changing but by the way I was feeling too. Oh is that what happiness feels like? Thank you, Powers That Be!

What’s your favorite way of receiving guidance? 

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