How I Healed My Gut

Ever since I started my blog I’ve had quite a few people admit to me they too have a strange and mysterious illness that western medicine hasn’t been able to cure, or even name. If you are one of these people than read on, my friend, hopefully help is on the way!

I have been struggling with illness my entire life. From chronic pneumonia as a child, to what was labeled by western doctors as Irritable Bowel Syndrome as a teenager. At that time I was told IBS was a psychological problem and had no cure, then was given a referral to a psychologist, and gluten toleratetold to eat more pasta and bread “because they are easy to digest.” Turns out, as we now know, pasta and bread are full of gluten and probably two of the most difficult things to digest in the world (second only to tin cans and Nickelback)! As a result, I continued to get sicker and sicker. Luckily, in my twenties I came across a naturopath who diagnosed me with leaky gut and food allergies. And what was the culprit at the top of the list? Gluten! I felt so betrayed by my doctors that I turned all my attention to alternative healing methods. I had quite a lot of success with many of the therapies I tried and will address my favorites in future posts.

Today though, I’m going to focus on the nutritional system that finally cured my GI problems for good. It’s called Acupoint Integrative Testing, and it was invented by Daniel Newell, a biochemist, and the principal clinician advisor for Standard Process, the whole food nutritional supplement company. Acupoint Integrative Testing uses applied kinesiology to detect viruses and problems in the body, and also to determine what foods and supplements are best to help heal the body. How does it do this? I have no idea! But I can tell you that after about twenty years of searching, this is the first thing that worked to heal my body and keep it healed. Praise to the heavens! Hallelujah!


It’s much easier to do this dance when you don’t have diarrhea.

The practitioner I went to is Dawn Dolan at Rejuvenation and Wellbeing in Northern California. Within a half an hour she was able to find out that not only did I have a high level of Candida in my body, but also mercury from fillings I’d gotten when I was a child. I also had an excess of C. difficile bacteria, and a host of other intestinal problems. I was surprised Dawn was able to find all these things so quickly and felt a little skeptical at first. I’d been to dozens of doctors and practitioners in the past. Why hadn’t any of them been able to pick up on these things?

Still, I had nothing to lose. I was super sick and no one else had been able to keep my GI problems at bay. Not only that but intuitively I just knew that Dawn could help me. Perhaps to heal my gut, I needed to trust my gut. Could there be a correlation there? The answer, in case you were wondering, is yes. So I took the supplements she gave me and followed her advice to a tee. That meant going back on the Paleo diet (minus fruit and sugar), and once again giving up alcohol. Ugh.

Suddenly I longed for the ease of western medicine. For the most part MDs don’t make you go on special diets, or change your life around all that much. Instead they usually have a pill or surgery that will solve your problem and there’s very little else you have to do. And that’s what I wanted so badly! Just a pill that would fix everything so I could go on with my life the way it was. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, requires lifestyle changes. Often big ones, but at this point I felt so bad I was willing to make them.

Lucikly, this time around it only took about a month before I began to feel better, and things just got exponentially more fantastic from there. My weekly appointments turned to bi-monthly appointments and as I got stronger, the amount of supplements I needed to take went down. Three months after starting with Dawn, my Candida was down to normal levels, and I felt amazing for the first time in years. A month later the excess of C. diff. and mercury levels were down as well.

My life now? I have so much more energy! No more running to the bathroom after meals, or having to skip social events because of exhaustion,  or stomach aches. Also
now that my immune system is healthy and strong, many of my food intolerances have disappeared!

After my success with Acupoint Integrative Testing, I have sent many friends to Dawn who have gone on to experience extreme healing miracles from overcoming shingles, to vulvodynia, to the HPV virus. That’s right, that STD could become a thing of the past. You’re welcome.

Now, I’m not saying if you’re sick to skip your MD and go straight to an alternative practitioner. I like to do both so that I have all my bases covered (and just in case someone invents that magic pill). But if you’ve already been to a few doctors and they haven’t been able to help you with a health issue, I would highly recommend trying Acupoint Integrative Testing.

For Acupoint Integrative Testing in the Bay Area:

Cotati – Dawn Dolan @ Rejuvenation & Wellbeing

San Francisco – Marc Weill @ Core Care Center

Santa Cruz – Dr. Mark Bernhard

Or to find a practioner in your area google “Acupoint Integrative Testing,” and your city.

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  1. Mary Campbell says

    So glad you shared about Dawn’s work. For me it has also been a wonderful healing of my stomach problems! Just went to her today!

    • Abbey says

      I know! She’s so amazing. My hope is that more people become Acupoint Integrative Testing practitioners so that everyone can experience this level of healing!

  2. says

    YES! Thanks so much for writing this, I’ve struggled to capture my experience with her and you did great! I LOVE Dawn’s work and have also experienced some awesome healing. I’ve sent loved ones and my clients there- it’s good stuff! :)

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