How to Make a Vision Board {funny video}

Hello Friends!

I’ve had quite a few requests on how to make a vision board after featuring one in my music video. So if you’re new to vision boarding here’s  some quick tips and tricks to get you started.

If you’re already a seasoned vision boarder I’ve also thrown in a few shots of Channing Tatum without his shirt on. (You’re welcome!) I have some more thoughts on vision boards below as well, especially for those of you who just can’t seem to get the things on your board to manifest into your life.

I made my first vision board several years ago after reading the book, The Secret. The Secret is all about The Law of Attraction, which is basically the theory that your thoughts create your reality and for that reason we need to keep our thoughts as positive as possible.

If you were anything like me, you read the book, made a vision board filled with mansions and six figure checks, and when none of them came into fruition, figured that either The Law of Attraction didn’t work or you just weren’t thinking positive enough thoughts to get things going. The truth is the Law of Attraction does work, the problem is it works with our subconscious thoughts as well as our conscious ones, and we can’t control our subconscious thoughts. They’re subconscious! We can try to figure out what they are and work to change them but that takes time.

So in the meantime does that mean that we’re vision boarding duds? Not at all.

The best thing I’ve found to do is to think of my vision board as a suggestion board to the Universe, or better yet an activation board for what is inside me ready to emerge. It’s like a way to awaken and become more conscious of my Divine self and my life purpose. And if my life purpose involves a Channing Tatum-type to make me pumpkin pancakes on the weekend, than so be it.

My main point here is that if you put something on my board and it doesn’t materialize, try not to get frustrated. After you make your vision board, let go of the results. The truth is, the Powers That Be understand what is best for us, much better than we do at this level of consciousness.The best we can do is just follow our Divine guidance and be grateful for the things we do have. I realize this is difficult sometimes. I’ve had to let go of a lot over the years, like my dream to be an Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, or an internet reality star.

Abbey Kardashians

Which kind of proves my point on how I often I really get confused about what’s best for me. :) You can take it from here, Universe. Thank you!

For more on how to use your intuition for guidance, click here.

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  1. says

    OMG that is HI-larious!
    Will you be my new Spirit Animal??
    Seriously though, I love how wove in some great details and helpful insights with the humor. Well done!

    • Abbey says

      I will be your spirit animal! What’s the kind of spirit animal that hibernates most of the time, wears funny outfits and eats all the food in your refrigerator? Seriously though, thanks for your comment. It’s hard to decide that balance of both funny and helpful. Glad you felt I pulled it off!

  2. says

    you are a genius!! i’m standing in my kitchen drinking my coffee and laughing – perfect way to start the day. my boyfriend caught the last bit of it and was laughing too. thank you abbey! xo

    • Abbey says

      Thank you, Jess!! Yay! So happy your boyfriend liked it to. Sometimes I feel like my humor is not boy-friendly. But I love boys! Especially when they don’t have their shirts on.

  3. Katie says

    Abbey – Thanks for clarify why my kitchen hasn’t remodeled itself after l looked at pictures on Houzz. Seriously though, it’s hard to let go of how we thought things would be while still keeping faith in the universe.

  4. says

    Hilarious! I loved it! Thanks so much for the laugh! and all the pics of Channing Tatum. Can you believe I haven’t seen that movie? I actually saw him dancing in your video, paused it, Googled “Channing Tatum Dancing”, saw that it was from Magic Mike, searched NetFlix and Amazon Prime to see if it was available, found it at Amazon Prime for $1.99, then came back to watch the rest of your video.

    My afternoon break will be considerably longer than the usual 28 minutes I spend watching “Grace and Frankie”.

    Thanks again for the awesome video! More please! :) I see no reason you can’t become an internet reality star- or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model!

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