My Novel


My first novel, The Lucidity Project, is almost here! The book is about twenty-five year old Max Dorigan, who has been haunted by sadness and depression her entire life. After years of unsuccessful treatment Max agrees to join, The Lucidity Project, a mysterious rehabilitation program on a remote resort in the Caribbean. She soon finds the people there are just as troubled as she is, only in a different way. They claim to have psychic powers. They claim they can see ghosts. They claim Max is one of them.

Max refuses to pay much attention until Dr. Micah McMoneagle, the charismatic head of the project reveals he’s found a way to allow people to enter each other’s dreams. Now instead of discussing their issues in talk therapy, Max and her new gifted friends can symbolically work through their problems on the astral plane. Together they embark on a transformational journey through dreamtime to reveal the causes of the things that are holding them back—an adventure that ultimately awakens them to who they really are, and what they came to earth to do.

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