“Spiritual Girl” – My Madonna “Material Girl” Parody Video

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Four years ago I began on a spiritual journey of major woo-woo-ness and have never looked back. Just kidding, I look back all the time, especially when people are drinking froofy cocktails behind me. I’ve given up a lot, (alcohol, gluten, did I mention alcohol?) but what I’ve gotten in return has been beyond anything I could have imagined and it ... [ Read More ]

My Natural Cold & Flu Remedies


It’s cold and flu season! I know this because everyone around me is getting sick and dropping like flies. Yikes! This used to be an impending sign that a sore throat and sinus infection was in my future. From a young age I was chronically ill and suffered from repeated bouts of pneumonia, strep throats, U.T.I.s and G.I. issues. That makes me kind ... [ Read More ]

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes

Abbey cupcakes 3

For the past—oh, I don’t know—twenty years or so, I struggled with a G.I. disorder and cupcakes were a serious no no. Even gluten-free flours have been an issue. Because of their high glycemic index, they cause my blood sugar to take a serious nose dive. Then came the Paleo Diet (cue chorus of angels) and along with it almond flour and coconut ... [ Read More ]

The Former Crazy Girl’s Guide to Relationships

Taylor cray cray

This post could also be titled, “Everything I need to know about what not to do in a relationship I learned from Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video.” But that statement wouldn’t really be the truth. You see I used to be a little like Taylor Swift in her Blank Space video, I mean minus the mansion, designer clothing or size 00 ass. It’s been a ... [ Read More ]

Porn for Spiritual Women

Joe battle ropes

Well, 2015 is off and running and I’m ready to put some of my NY goals into action, one of those being—to have more fun! I’m a big fan of the book series Porn for Women, which depicts hunky men offering up backrubs and help around the house. You know, the kind of stuff guys love! I thought for kicks and giggles, I’d start off the year with my own ... [ Read More ]