Breaking News—I’m Preggers!

Have you been wondering where I’ve been lately? To tell you the truth, I have too. The good—no, the amazingly miraculous news is—I’m pregnant! Hooray! The bad news is, being pregnant as a highly sensitive person/empath is not easy. I’m pretty sure being pregnant as a regular person isn’t easy either but we all know those women who swear the experience transformed them into beautiful glowing goddesses (I’m pretty sure those women only exist on Instagram).


From Sloane Tanen & Stefan Hagen’s hilarious book, “Hatched.”

Let’s just say I’m not really good at this whole pregnancy thing. From Michelle Duggar to Kim Kardashian, I’m totally on the Kim Kardashian “I hate this. Where are my f-ing Cheetos?!” end of the pregnancy spectrum. (BTW: That is where my similarities with Kim Kardashian end.) My body basically feels like it has been revolting for the past 4.5 months. But if all goes well, soon I will have a baby and then it will all be worth it—at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. According to the five pregnancy apps I check hourly, a woman’s brain shrinks 8% when pregnant. As a highly sensitive person, however, my brain has shrunk 98% and doesn’t have the capacity to comprehend the future. It’s sole priorities are:

  1. Finding foods that won’t make me barf.
  2. Finding a place to lie down/sit down/ take a nap.
  3. Finding pants that fit.

I really wanted to call this blog post, “The Empath’s Guide to Pregnancy,” and use my pain and suffering for something helpful. But the truth is, as a highly sensitive person I still have no clue how to get through pregnancy comfortably. Nothing I’ve done has been able to make things that much easier. As someone whose body and soul feel everything so intensely, this may just be par for the course. I find acceptance has been the best medicine. Also eating peanut butter cream pies.

Instead of making a cute pregnancy announcement that doesn’t exactly reflect my pregnancy, I decided to debut my bump in this funny video by my good friend Deva Dalporto over at My Lifesuckers, which gives you a good idea of my activities over the last few months, as well as what I have to look forward to as a mother. Enjoy!

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  1. Sallee OB says

    Abbey, you are a kick. I agree with your conclusion about the woes of pregnancy: acceptance. Just be with it. Even when your head is over the toilet bowl. Give thanks that you have a toilet bowl ;-)

  2. says

    I am honored to be a part of your breaking news! Can’t wait for baby Cook!!!!! And PS – could you be ANY more hilarious? I think not.

  3. Mary Campbell says

    Your announcement is hilarious and brings truth to the pregnancy experience for all sensitive empaths and also many other pregnant women. I love your funny comments! Only you would make his a hilarious and fun announcement.

  4. Ashley Snyder says

    Absolutely hilarious Abbey–well done. And congratulations!!! So absolutely happy for you. But seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. Pretty sure he guy in the hotel room next to me heard my obnoxious outbursts

  5. says

    Too funny and exciting! Congratulations to you! I loved the post and loved the video! I promise, one day you will wake up feeling fantastic, you will wonder how long it will last and then pretty soon you will realize it has been weeks since you felt sick. I’m hoping that one day comes for you sooner rather than later. Many Blessings to you and your new family member!

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