Write Your Book, Rewrite Your Life

As many of you know, I’m in the last stages of finishing my novel before it comes out next fall. The novel is about a group of troubled twenty-somethings on a resort in the Caribbean who use their dreams to discover who they really are. When I first began this book three years ago I was sick with a mysterious illness and didn’t have energy to do much of anything.

Because I was in bed a lot I had plenty of time to think, and that’s how my novel first came into being. I fantasized a lot about how I wished there was a magical health & wellness resort that could help me heal. And how it would be super duper nice if it were on a tropical island in the Caribbean. I mean as long as I was dreaming, why not dream big, right? Slowly my fantasizes began to form into a story, and slowly I began to write it down.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.56.50 AM

One of the pictures I used to create the fictional resort in my novel. Last week I went there for the first time.

When in doubt, choose the path of least resistance.

A picture I took of a path in the jungle of St. Lucia that plays significantly into my novel.

As I wrote, strange things began to happen. I started feeling this inner voice inside that seemed to know what to do. Sychronicities began happening. The right healers came into my life, and soon my mysterious illness disappeared. Incredibly high-vibrating, positive people, like the ones on my fictional island resort, began showing up. My circumstances changed and I was able to quit my job and work on my book full time. My husband and I got the opportunity to live for a year in the forest and when I wasn’t writing I spent my days walking through the woods just like the characters in my book. I started finding the kinds of workshops that I envisioned at the resort in my book, including one on lucid dreaming which just happened to take place on a beautiful resort on the big island of Hawaii. What???

Who would have thought writing this story would have made my life look more and more like my book? That wasn’t what I had set out to do. I didn’t even know that was possible.

So what happened? To those of you familiar with the infinite powers of the Universe, this should be no surprise. For those who aren’t, you can start here. Basically instead of concentrating on my illness, I concentrated on a beautiful tropical island filled with fun, magical people. This was a much higher vibrational frequency than the one I was normally at, so each day I got a reprieve from my illness, a reprieve from my own resistance, which allowed me to resonate with this higher energy—the energy of Source, the energy of who I truly was, and not only did I heal, my life completely transformed.


Life imitating art! Serious research on the beach.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to my magic island in the Caribbean, which I based on St. Lucia. When I stepped off the plane I expected to be overcome with strong emotion—an “I’ve made it to the Promised Land!” kind of feeling, but instead I felt incredibly grounded and peaceful. And why not? I’d spent the better part of the last three years on this island while writing my book. When we arrived at the resort about an hour later it was the same thing. That’s not to say I wasn’t incredibly grateful for an opportunity to be there, I was. It’s just that my life has shifted so dramatically, that most days I feel like I’m sitting on a beach on an island in the Caribbean—because that’s the vibration I live at so much of the time now. The spiritually-minded people I had created in my book have now come into my life. The health I so wanted is now a reality. So when it came time to leave St. Lucia, I didn’t feel like I was leaving at all. As soon as I got back on the plane, I opened up my computer and got back to my book, and back to the magical island I love so much. I intend to go there again today after I finish this post. That’s how incredibly powerful the imagination is, and that’s why you can use it transform your life as well.

magic-bookSo if you are stuck right now, if there’s something about your life you would like to change, get out a pen and paper, or canvas and brush, or your computer, or a musical instrument, and create . There’s only one rule to this. What you create should feel good. (In other words if you start writing a sequel to Saw, you’re missing the point.) Ask for guidance in this process, and watch how elements of what you are creating start to come to life. I personally found that most of the time working on my novel was a lot easier than saying affirmations or trying to thinking positively. When you feel like crap affirmations and positive thinking often feel like lies. Instead create a story you can live vicariously through to help get you into alignment. I started with writing only an hour a day before work, and that was enough to lift my resistance and allow the things I wanted to pour into my life, which gave me more energy and opportunity to create more. What matters most is being in the energy of that which you want. It doesn’t really matter what that is. The creative process can be an incredibly transformative one, if you let it. When you are creating you put the thinking mind aside and let the light of the infinite flow through onto the page. The imagination is an incredibly powerful tool to have in your toolbox. Take that baby out to play, and watch your story come to life.


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    • Sallee OBrien says

      Oh Abbey, you are so wise. Your journey has raised your vibration. And now you are able to bring that vibration to those who are ready to receive it. I have been going through a rough spell. Im going to go to the Wild Animal Park today and just absorb the beautiful energy there. Much love, Sallee

      • Abbey says

        Sal, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I just read this amazing book you might like. Two of them actually and you can probably get the first at the library. The first is “Unfinished Business,” by James Van Praagh, the second is “Co-Creating at it’s Best” by Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer. Both are incredibly inspiring and uplifting. I’ll probably read them both again!

  1. Jenna says

    thanks for sharing your amazing story! You’re such an inspiration! I haven’t been writing much since Satya was born but your post is a reminder to get back into it. I love the idea of stepping into the energetic frequency of where we ultimately want to be. Great advise! I look forward to reading your novel. Glad you’ve been able to do some fun traving!! Miss u!

    • Abbey says

      Ah, sweet Jenna! I wouldn’t get any writing done if I had a Satya either. She is the cutest thing! My sister just had a baby and now whenever the family gets together we just sit around and marvel at him. He’s so amazing, and he certainly keeps us all very busy. Miss u as well! I know we keep saying it, but we have to get together. 2015 is our year!

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